Dear Gamers! Two new crypto coins USDT (TRC20) & TRON (TRX) have been added to the game mechanics. Now depositing and withdrawing your earned funds will be even more convenient for you.
We also want to note and congratulate everyone on overcoming the next high mark of 240000 Gamers. Our specialists are constantly working to improve and add new game processes and updates.
Sincerely and with respect! HOB team.

Dear participants, gamers, and guests of the project!
Due to numerous requests from our active Gamers, a new commander “NIGHT KING” with his white walkers and a zombie dragon has been added to the gameplay.
We also want to thank all the Gamers of the project and congratulate everyone on crossing the 140 000 Gamers mark.
Write to us your wishes using feedback. Our programmers and marketers will take into account all your wishes and the most interesting and worthy proposals will be introduced into the gameplay.
Sincerely and with respect! HOB team.

Dear participants, friends and partners! Happy New Year 2024! We wish you happiness, good health, optimism, high income and peaceful skies!
On the first day of the new year, our team presents to your attention a new game mechanic called "ARENA". All details are available in the section of the same name, in the menu of your personal account. In the new year 2024, new interesting updates and game sections are waiting for you, which our team is already working on. Sincerely yours, with respect, the HOB team. Happy New Year!

Welcome to GAME OF THRONES! Bitcoin mining simulator, with the opportunity to earn the most popular cryptocurrency of the 21st century, absolutely without investment. Many Internet users are already familiar with our team from our other projects “HOUSE OF BITCOIN” and “BATTLESHIPS BITCOIN”, which have been pleasing their participants with the stability for several years now. Our team develops long-term projects that work for years without interruption. The GAME OF THRONES project combines many ways to earn money; anyone who is interested in making money on the Internet can find their way to earn bitcoins in the GAME OF THRONES. Our team welcomes all participants and guests of the project! We wish you a pleasant time, excellent income and peaceful skies!

Date of publication: Mar 11 ,2024

Date of publication: Jan 21 ,2024

Happy New Year & ARENA
Date of publication: Jan 01 ,2024

Date of publication: Nov 07 ,2023