Many people are familiar with our team from such projects as "HOUSE OF BITCOIN" and "BATTLESHIPS BITCOIN", which are successfully working, developing and delighting participants with stable payments. Our team creates projects that will work for many years (forever), as our marketers think through the mechanisms of projects in such a way that we, as founders, and you, as participants, are interconnected. Our members must earn income so that we can earn income too. Without the income of the participants, there will be no income for the organizers.

In addition to creating exciting projects, we also sell traffic, trade cryptocurrencies on various crypto exchanges, and we also have real mining farms, and that`s why we decided to open a project that is essentially bitcoin mining. Although this is in a virtual space, you should know that when you acquire or improve characters, you automatically connect to our real mining pool and reserve your place in it, becoming part of our friendly team.


The Game of Thrones project is a bitcoin mining simulator for earning bitcoins with absolutely no investment. After registration, you are automatically connected to the mining pool and start earning every second. To do this, after registration, go to the "MINING" section, where you can get acquainted with your character, which you received as a gift.


You can increase the strength of the miner by acquiring other characters, as well as improve your characters with different, multiple upgrades. By purchasing a new character, or improving an existing one, you automatically increase your place in the mining pool and thus your miner starts to work harder and bring more rewards in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


Characters do not have a lifespan, they are acquired forever. By purchasing a character, you become its full-fledged owner forever. But improvements have a lifespan. Any improvement (upgrade) after the acquisition works until it brings you a net profit of 200%. After that, the improvement will disappear, and it will be possible to purchase it again. In the meantime, your character will be generating income continuously.


In the "Mining" section there is a display with the characteristics of your miner. The counter of your miner is also located there. To collect the received rewards, you need to click on the "Collect" button and the accumulated rewards will go to your "MAIN-BALANCE". After that, you can withdraw the received income to your electronic wallet.

Note! Rewards must be collected at least once every 24 hours, otherwise the miner will stop generating income. And you will collect a reward only for 24 hours of work of the miner. After collecting, the miner will start generating income again. For stability, we strongly recommend that you log in daily and collect rewards.


The minimum amount for the payment of earned funds is from 0.00010000 BTC (10,000 Satoshi). Different payment systems have different requirements, so we recommend that for more detailed information about the minimum requirements and transaction fees, read the "Withdrawals" tab. After clicking on the button of the same name in the user menu, a tab will open where you will be provided with all the information regarding the withdrawal of salary rewards.


The project has all the conditions for stable earnings in addition to mining. You can complete various quests, view advertising sites (surfing), participate in contests, use our affiliate program as an addition to earnings and complete various offers. The universe of the Game of Thrones project is a place where you can easily earn and receive worthy rewards for your activity.


"MAIN-BALANCE" is your main balance, which will receive rewards from mining, from the affiliate program, from victories in contests and from viewing sites in the surfing section. From this balance you can order withdrawal of funds.
"SUB-BALANCE" is a bonus balance that receives rewards from actions such as quests and offers. It is not possible to withdraw funds from this balance, but it is possible to purchase characters and upgrades for them. When you purchase a new character or upgrade, the system automatically checks both your balances, at the beginning, the entire amount that is on the SUB-BALANCE is removed, and the remainder, which is not enough for the acquisition, is removed from the MAIN-BALANCE. Thus SUB-BALANCE is an auxiliary balance to increase mining power.


Settings provide primarily the security of your account. In the settings, you specify the details for receiving rewards (withdrawing earned funds). Also in the settings you can change the password of your account if necessary. And perhaps the most important setting is the setting of a personal Pin-Code, this is an 8-digit code that each project participant invents and sets independently. This code will be required when ordering a withdrawal.


The project provides for a two-level affiliate program, the rewards are credited to the withdrawal balance. Advertise your affiliate link, attract members, and earn thanks to the activity of your partners. A participant who has switched to the project through your affiliate link, after registration, automatically becomes your partner (referral) forever!
Affiliate Program Rewards:

Level 1 - these are the partners who were invited by you. From their activity, you will receive rewards such as:
Deposit: 6% of deposits ■ Offers: 10% of earnings ■ Surfing: 15% of earnings.

2nd level - these are the partners who were invited by your partners of the 1st level. From their activity, you will receive rewards such as:
Deposit: 2% of deposits ■ Offers: 5% of earnings ■ Surfing: 5% of earnings.


This feature provides for the return of affiliate rewards to your partners. You can set any return percentage. For example, if you set it to 100%, affiliate rewards will be automatically returned to your partners on MAIN-BALANCE. If you set 50%, half of your affiliate reward will go back to your affiliates and half will be left to you. If you set it to 0%, you will not return anything to your partners. The use of this function is optional, everyone decides for himself how to use this function. By default for everyone, Refback is set to 0%. You can easily change the percentage at any time with the click of a button. Note: all partner rewards are credited from the system budget and in no way affect the earnings of your partners.


After registration, you will notice question marks in the internal sections. Hover over the question mark and a tooltip will open. They are practically present in all sections. But if you still could not find the answers and you still have questions, please write to our "support service" in any convenient way for you. Our specialists work around the clock and will answer you as quickly as possible and help to solve any questions, of any complexity.