Game of Thrones new Season 2016

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Game of Thrones is rightfully called the best TV series of the present. The series, which has received a lot of awards and panegyric reviews of critics, several times has raised the bar for high-quality series, surpassing even some of the big-budget blockbusters. The film is based on the books from the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George Raymond Richard Martin. And even if you have read all the books by Martin, which have become best sellers, don’t give up watching the series Game of Thrones, because the excellent work of cameramen, beautiful landscapes and talented performance of actors will permit you to be carried away to the world of majestic castles.

The action of the show unfolds on the invented continent of Westeros. Game of Thrones is a particular world of the Seven Kingdoms which is laced with threads of intrigues and plots. Here a person who sits on a throne aspires to consolidate his power, ruthlessly annihilating his enemies, and a simple mercenary waits for a suitable moment to stick a knife into his king’s back. Everyone wants to climb to the summit of power that only provokes wars and sufferings of ordinary people. Once the residents of Westeros already faced with an ancient evil and were forced to unit all the kingdoms to fight, then a huge wall of ice was built for protection against the evil, but after decades of peace the discord returned to these cold lands.

The series tells the history of the noblest houses of Westeros which directly interlace. In spite of the fact that the series has been shot in the genre of fantasy, it is devoid of such shortcomings as the overabundance of magic and fabulous creatures. A frightening realism of medieval life reigns in Westeros, where there is no clear border between the good and the evil. This verge is too thin, and each of the characters is capable to perform an action that causes either pain or happiness to other people.

The series Game of Thrones captures the audience from the very first minutes of viewing. This huge world is filled with the atmosphere of luxurious life of nobles and sufferings of poor people. The medieval ambiance is reproduced with incredible exactness here. You can see both noble knights and vile conspiracies in the kingdom. Due to unpredictable changes of the plot, it is impossible to foresee the finale of the show.